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  1. When did you make a misstep that ended up having benefits as well as regret?
  2. For several decades women have been saying we all need to quit judging each other. Why does there still seem to be underlying competition and judgment?
  3. Have you encountered famous people? Did you leave them alone or speak to them? Do celebrities owe something to their public?
  4. Would you spend a night with the family of a stranger you met on a plane?
  5. Do you think the professor she dated framed her?
  6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how wrong was it that she looked at the phone of the man she was dating?
  7. The author’s father grew up in an era and economic class that didn’t allow for coddling children. Is it too late for middle-class and upper-class parents to be that strict on their kids and not spoil them?
  8. When do we cross the line of leaning on our friends for support and guilting them into helping look after us?
  9. Why did you choose the tattoo or tattoos you have? Where are they? If you don’t have one, what would you get if you did? Where would it be positioned?
  10. Share some rules that were thrust upon you early or later in life. Did you break them or follow them?
  11. Do southern women have more “rules” than women from other regions of the country?