“Katherine Snow Smith’s sure voice, deft pen, hilarious sense of humor and always original slant on things offer the reader much to enjoy in these delightful essays.”


Without meaning to defy society’s guidelines for parenting, marriage, work and friendship, Katherine Snow Smith continually finds herself off the expected path—whether that means falling on President Barack Obama, camping with her teenage daughter at a raucous music festival, or ending a twenty-four-year marriage because she simply can’t “muddle through.” Here, she shines a spotlight on the humor and humanity that come with sometimes breaking the rules.

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Come have a glass of wine, have your book signed and hear a couple stories. (These are the shoes I was wearing when I fell on Barack Obama at the White House.)

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I would love to come speak to your book club or organization about starting a new life and my own business after 50, parenting three children from birth to lice to gap years, and making the most of your missteps in life.

Katherine Snow Smith has lived throughout the south as a newspaper reporter, magazine editor, public relations executive, daughter, sister, mother, wife, divorcee and friend. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and started her journalism career covering three miniscule towns in South Carolina. After a stint covering business in Charlotte, N.C., she got married, moved to Florida and started a 20-year career at the Tampa Bay Times. After her first child was born she started the paper’s parenting column, Rookie Mom. A decade later, when her kids were old enough to read what she was writing about them, she went back to covering business and general interest news. Now, three kids, two careers and one divorce later, she’s embracing the fact that life has many chapters.

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